Internal Audits & Initial Assessments

Assess the current status of Treasurer, Financial Management, Operations, EMIS/SOES & CCIP Administration controls, policies & procedures

Present findings & recommendations to Board

Treasurer & Accountant Services

Prepare fund budgets & ongoing management recommendations

Provide monthly, year-to-date & budget/actual reports

Establish appropriate checks & balances

Oversee budget & long-term financial plan

Assure proper uses of public funds & all necessary back-up for audits

Advise and guide Director/Board regarding future state & federal funding

Financial Management, Compliance & External Audit Services

Financial assessments & strategic priority recommendations

Oversee cash flow management

Prepare five-year financial plan

Benchmark operating functions of other comparable schools

Provide oversight & retain strict controls on budget modifications

Advise on contract arrangements subject to legal review

EMIS/SOES, CCIP & Other Grant Management

School year initialization reporting

EMIS attendance, reports, registration, scheduling, comparisons & audit oversight

State reporting requirements

Prepare CCIP grant submissions

Provide ongoing budget reviews & support in managing to CCIP budget

Supply grants management services after grant is secured – alignment with budget spending plan, treasurer tracking spending by budget area & integration with Director/Board financial reports

Human Resources Management

Review current HR operations & practices

Prepare recommendations for revisions and/or updates to the Board based upon assessment findings